Art Bag Pouch by Bag Me Out (Brent Smith version)

Single Oの地元Sydneyで活躍するクラフトメイカーGabi(Bag Me Out/@bagmeout)が、Single O「Random Acts of Art(RAOA)」のコーヒーバッグをリサイクルしてポーチをつくってくれました!こちらもシドニーのアーティストBrent Smithバージョンです。

Size:97mm x 130mm

A little collaboration with Gabi, the very talented maker of all things reusable & awesome member of the Single O community in Australia! Our Random Acts of Art coffee bags have been given a second life with these hand-made zipper pouches. Perfect for carrying your essential bits ’n’ pieces. Oh, & they smell delicious too. This is the Brent Smith edition.

¥ 800